I have a cunning plan…

Yeah, so, I’m back for the time being.  Not going to bother with empty apologies for disappearing, ‘cos nobody wants to see that nonsense.  Starting from scratch instead of trying to reimport the horribly broken old database.  Might eventually get some of the old content back, might not.  So.  MOVING ON.

I’ve got so many things I want to get done this year.  (ALL THE THINGS FERFUXAKE)  In an ideal world, this is the stuff that would be bitchin’ to finish by the end of February:

Sewing related:

  • Deer & Doe Bruyere – it’s been traced off and just…  sitting there.  For months now.  Time to just dive in and get it done.
  • Sewaholic Granville – printed out, FBA done, just need to get started on the muslin (and maybe redraft those sleeves?  I keep hearing horror stories about how tight the sleeves are and how high the sleeve cap is)
  • Master the Marlborough bra pattern.  The first muslin of it just needs wires and straps so I can try it on and see what needs to be changed.  I’m guessing it’s going to need a complete redraft in a different size (I made the first one in the size the instructions said, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the right size, as so many others have found to be the case).
  • Another Bronte – I made one a few weeks ago, and need to make a few more.  Still need to refine the fit around the bust/shoulders, but the first round changes are perfectly wearable and comfy.
  • One more panel on the Alabama Chanin skirt (there’s no direct link since it’s a custom kit – it’s the long skirt, with the Angie’s Fall stencil on the bottom third, black over grey, with grey embroidery floss, matt black sequins, and three different colors/sizes/shapes of beads).  One panel is completely finished, one is about half done.  It’s been languishing – it had been my go-to waiting-for-the-ferry project, but between the darkness and the cold of winter, it hasn’t been getting any love lately.  Time to resurrect this one and get it finished.


  • Find the treadling error in the piece on the baby wolf and finish it.  Seriously.  Before Tuesday.
  • Plan out a project with the cottolin and linen in the stash.  Tablecloth? Table runner? Apron(s)? Towels?  SOMETHING.


  • Finish the baby sweater before the grandbaby outgrows it.  It’s a hair bigger than newborn size, but he’s growing FAST.   It’s sooooo close to finished, though, so it might work.
  • Draft out one of the remaining Nihon Vogue projects.  Long overdue.  LONG.

It’s a LOT of stuff, but I think it’s a fairly doable list.  Maybe.  We’ll see how it goes.